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Ms access macro run batch file

ms access macro run batch file

Gratefully, Art Register To Reply.
If I am batch tardy in thanking you, and porucha vevrkuit as well, it is access because I am not file a file programmer and am trying to understand your and his replies before replying with a word of macro thanks.Excellent question amenu, In addition to the method from porucha vevrku, there are at least three other methods that can be used:.Lewis Attached Files Last edited by LJMetzger; at 11:20.P: n/a mvdkwong, what's the trick to running a batch file from VBA?RetVal Shell file full path t vbNormalFocus call Shell. Yes How do we know the batch file is not run?
We will explain why we need to do this step.

This Access tutorial explain how to run Access Macro using RunCode.Feb 3 '06 # 1, post Reply, share this Question 26 Replies.Maybe vbs file (.vbs)?I've tried running: Shell "cmd /k " ShortPath C:Documents and t vbNormalFocus Shell "cmd /k " Chr(34) "C:Documents and t" Chr(34 vbNormalFocus Shell "C:Documents and t" etc.Once I have paper recorded and saved the macro, I would access like to be able to insert a line file or file lines in a batch file that would start the Excel workbook, run the macro, and then close Excel and continue with the batch file.The second file and its folders do not exist.On the other hand, there is no action to run Sub Procedure directly, thats why we have to create a Function and call the Sub Procedure.This should then clearly tell you whether the file is in the location your command line expects it.Is there an Echo command in the batch file, say at the end, that might say, "All Done"?E.g.: ml, register To Reply, 06:36 PM more #3, re: run macro from batch file.A command prompt window with the "C:My Documents " prompt.I'm trying to call it using the Shell function but it's not working for.So I depend on kind souls such as you and porucha vevrku to assist.Terry, there's an area for the following block: Private Declare Function GetShortPathName _ Lib "kernel32" Alias "GetShortPathNameA" marketing ( _ ByVal lpszLongPath As String, _ ByVal lpszShortPath As String, _ ByVal cchBuffer As Long _ ) As Long The error is "Compile error: Only comments may. Terry Kreft "mvdkwong" mv m wrote in message news: @f14g2000cwb.
I still get 'C:Documents' is not recognized as an internal isaak or external command, operable program or batch file.
Feb 6 '06 # 6 P: n/a mvdkwong Yes, it's on one line (I did remove the line feed).

Can you cut, paste and post the procedure in which you are calling the shell?
Feb 10 ms access macro run batch file '06 # 23 P: n/a mvdkwong Hi Lyle, answers to your questions: Do you have full rights to the batch file's folder?