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Drama i hear your voice episode 5

drama i hear your voice episode 5

I voice see a glimmer of hope in Do-yeon too, so maybe shell end up being more complex than just a heartless girl whos spiteful for spites sake.
Song OF THE DAY, jung Yup Why Did You Come Now from the your OST.
In the morning, Hye-sung comes out dressed very casually for work, with an umbrella strapped to her back on a sunny day.
She comes out in the middle of the night and her thoughts drift back to Su-ha running in to rescue her, and the things he said to Min Joon-gook.Its amusing, but episode only if you dont think too hard about the fact that they needed this to feel like hed give the defense a fair shot.So does the woman sitting behind him, who must be Twin 2s girlfriend.Hye-sung shares her concern with Kwan-woo outside the courtroom, where episode they notice a group of students being given a tour of the courthouse.Ha, is he rejecting a blind date with Hye-sung because hes interested in Hye-sung?Su-ha asks carefully, And if shes right and youre wrong?They walk out of the courthouse together and shes on cloud nine about beating Do-yeon, and tells Su-ha all about the firework incident and being forced to leave school because of her.She offers your to make him food if he calls her noona, which he refuses.But when they enter a tunnel, we see their reflections doubled up in the window, and theyre smiling.He lies that he isnt hungry even hear though his stomach is growling like crazy, but its really her thoughts that get him to stay: What if Min Joon-gook comes back?And then the killer goes straight to Moms chicken shop, and smiles at the Help Wanted sign looking for a deliveryman.Tell ME youre lying! It hurts, like its sinking.
She thinks to herself what his deal isis she his first love or something?
He says he even saw Su-ha leave the place in the morning drama when he came back around on patrol.

So Hye-sung confidently argues (as does voice Kwan-woo) that if each twin is insisting he isnt guilty, then they shouldnt be tried together for the same crime, because the prosecution has no evidence that they were acting together.Something about their very teenage voice rivalry endears her to melike the elevator button thing, which smacks of petty childish feud, not horrible irredeemable villain.Her plan is to have them both go down for murder.The person episode who makes a mistake and knows shes wrong, but stands by itlike youis the biggest problem.A judge who always rules wrongly?She tells Mom that her number one developer criterion for boyfriends now is a good body, not money. On the way there, Nice Cop update says he thought they were brother and sister when he first met them over the cell phone case because Su-ha freaked out and begged hear him to do something because Hye-sung was so scared she couldnt ableton sleep at night.
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She thinks at him not to do anything stupid, and says that she remembers him now.