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Creative sound blaster roar portable speaker

creative sound blaster roar portable speaker

A 5 out of 5,.
Across the board, from Generation X to creative Generation Y, the verdict is, is that the Creative Sound Blaster Roar is now the best speaker on the market.
It comes with both cables.
Track One thing that separates this unit from most of the units in the marketplace today is that it shies portable away from the ubiquitous "boom tizz" (too much bass with an overly bright high blaster frequency response) type of sonic voicing Overall, I can (and do).Oh, and sound don't forget it will charge your phone if connected by a creative cable.We live in a three bedroom apartment and the Roar can easily fill the apartment with quality sound, which means for me, that I don't have to muck about with home theater system to hear quality music or radio.The Roar's quality of sound reproduction is superb, battery life is excellent, the features great.However, the Sound Blaster Roar has a far superior sound quality to any of the other speakers I have purchased (including Bose Sony).Papadopoulos, one of the best portable speaker systems around!It works and it does seem to spread the sound around.And, I mean exceptionally clear.Some of my testing tracks can be seen below in YouTube form, speaker with me opting to cross multiple genres including hardstyle, hardcore metal, pop, electro, and hip-hop.Great roaring sound, perfect for someone who loves good quality in music.The Roar 2 impressed me overall in the sound department, initially having high hopes for what the Roar Pro had to offer.And very reasonably priced, too!The Roar isnt roar your standard looking portable speaker.Let me also state I live in a good sized 1 bedroom apt with brick on the outside. What often happens speaker with headsets is that more isn't always better - many companies with throw 'real'.1.1 driver configurations into their products and claim an enhancement on sound without a massive increase in price.

Papadopoulos, it is a perfect bluetooth speaker.If you can put your hands on one and administrative hear it, you'll see that this sounds better than other "premium" portable speakers out there for 3x the full cost.I don't feel like I was paying extra for a name or that this product lacked anything that I wanted.Twiss Overall, I am very satisfied with the sound baliye quality, and using it to roar watch a movie with no complaint (without even using the sound card feature!) windows was pretty cool.The sound quality isn't bad by its own right, with the mid and high-range sounds sounding fairly crisp and clean compared to many others I have listened.In the end it was an easy decision for Roar offered not only better battery life, but an option to charge your phone via usb, even when it's sitting in your bag and turned off.With plenty of volume and a very good bass and treble range mix.Its short and wide and looks like a speaker youd have in the kitchen.This feature-rich speaker offers many of the same things as seen with the Sound Blaster Roar 2, giving users the ability to connect through Bluetooth, a memory stick, AUX.5mm or SD cards, further offering a micro-USB input port for use recorder with various devices.I think it's a product of local Singapore, which makes it all the more special. Packing five drivers into a portable speaker is an impressive feat, and theyre powered by two separate amplifiers, one dedicated to high frequencies and the other dedicated to low.
So tools well done to you this is simply fantastic and I hope it lasts as long as my first creative purchase.
The volume isnt as loud outdoors, but its still respectable.