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Corel draw logo design

Join the corel Community, share ideas.
Resize the corel third circle to 7,5 x 9,375.If you doing it right it will look like picture below.Using Shape Tool corel and steps like above, shape the small box similar to picture below.Two custom colors in design the middle will make the color gradient softer.Okay now we are going to make the Center Golden Accent, Select the little Golden Accent corel logo and copy it, we are going to use it to make a new shape.Fill the color with Light Yellow on the middle left, and another Light Yellow on the middle right.You have created a Logo Body Frame in step 3 4, select and copy.We are going to put a shadow on it, go to the Drop Shadow Tool in the left toolbar, hold and drag down till it make a shadow. Unlimited, pS Actions, graphics, videos courses!
Now lets put color in it, Go to the Fountain Fill Tool and set the value the same as corel the Golden Second Circle.

Put Red color in the shape that you just created.About, terms, privacy Policy, licence information, contact @copyright 2015.Shape it using Shape Tool like picture below.Now make a box fifa shape on top of the shape that you just created with Bezier Tool Shape it using Shape Tool and send it to back by pressing Ctrl PageDown Step 9 : Coloring the Golden Accent Now that we have basic shape.Put red color on it, and send it to back by pressing Ctrl PageDown Step 6 : Copy Duplicate We are bieber going to copy duplicate the ribbon so it will have both side right and left.Get access to over one million creative assets on Envato Elements.This logo can be designer used as a badge, emblem, insignia and will look good on a label, flag, stationary etc.Tips : To make multiple object automatically centered, select all the object and press.This in-depth logo design tutorial includes steps on designing a golden frame, logo body, red ribbon and golden accent.See preview E update Logo Design logo vector logo, download E Logo Design logo vector logos vector for free, write meanings, This is logo available for Windows 8 and Mac.Change the color by left-clicking it, fill the color with Darkest Red on the left, Dark Red in the middle and Red on the right.Select all the ribbon, then while holding Ctrl Left Right mouse drag and flip it to the right side.Now you will see subtitle a color box.Now we are architect going to weld it with the Golden Accent, manager Select the center Ribbon and the shape that we want to weld, go to the upper right toolbar and you will see Weld, Trim, Intersect Tool. If you doing it right it will look like this Now that we have basic shape of the Golden Accent colored, we are going to arrange.

Okay now that we have the box look transparent, we are going to shape it by using Shape Tool, Go to the Shape Tool its corel draw logo design in the left toolbar, then right click at the top lines box shape, and find convert to curves in the.
Step 2 : Creating Worksheet, okay, now that you know the steps and elements, we will begin.
Using Shape Tool and steps like above, shape the box similar to picture below.